Readers' letters - March 1

Diane, stop the abuse by switching off the trolls

I have little time for Diane Abbott.

I believe she is a hypocritical grandstander.

But no one should be subjected to abuse on social media.

However, to coin a phrase, “he who lives by the tweet shall die by the tweet”.

If Ms Abbott wants to stop the abuse, then the solution is simple – stop using the thing!

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If everybody who complains about social media trolls were to switch it off for a month, the fall in advertising revenue would motivate providers to quickly introduce filters to stop abusive communication.

It wouldn’t be difficult.

If the filter picks up a key word, it doesn’t get past the saddo’s outbox.

Such trolls are not very bright – just nastily impulsive – it’s doubtful they would have the intelligence to work out a way round the blocker – more likely they would stop and go back to watching EastEnders!

It will never happen though – because people like Ms Abbott and the other “twitteratti” can’t seem to live without it.

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And journalists would lose an opportunity to whinge on about “ain’t it an awful world we live in”.


I have never had an abusive message on Facebook or Twitter in my life.


I’m sure you know the answer!


Address supplied

Tory duo in plot to keep us in

In the early 70s, the then Prime Minister Edward Heath took us into the European Economic Community (EEC ).

He deceived our country into believing that it would be very beneficial for trade and easier to export to Europe.

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I understand, however, that Mr Heath knew from the outset that the true objective was to become part of an ever closer political union, headed by Germany and France.

If this had been revealed to the British people so soon after the war (less than 30 years) then the outcome of the referendum in 1975 would probably have been different.

As Mr Heath is no longer with us – the spotlight must now fall on the two remaining members of Heath’s government, who were also obsessed with the European dream .

It is surely safe to assume that they were also party to the real objectives of the ‘EU’ (as it became known) but said nothing – they were complicit. They were Michael Heseltine and Kenneth Clarke who awoke from their dormant state and sprang into action the moment David Cameron promised an EU referendum.

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Proof indeed that, despite being 83 and 76 respectively, they were still prepared to fight tooth and nail to keep us in a ‘political union ’ where Germany and her allies would have control over our future.

Their motives and actions must be investigated. I feel they are capable of doing anything to keep us in the EU.

They obviously do not believe in democracy – nor do they respect those whom they have served.

What are their current connections with Brussels and the EU?

Harvey Carter


It’s all rather confusing

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Not long ago drivers were encouraged to turn to diesel as that fuel was more environmentally-friendly than petrol... wrong!

Biomass fuel has also been considered the answer to a cleaner climate, but as suggested this week... wrong!

Butter v margarine, the debate goes on.

Statins good or bad? Experts disagree.

We are now advised that 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day replaces five a day. How long will it be before we are advised by health experts to smoke 10 cigarettes a day?

Jeremy Biggin

via email