Readers' letters - March 11

Standing up for rights
Theres too much rubbish on our streets complains a reader. See letter belowTheres too much rubbish on our streets complains a reader. See letter below
Theres too much rubbish on our streets complains a reader. See letter below

I have just had a call to cancel my appointment due to the strike this week.

Whilst disappointed, I am fully supportive of the junior doctors’ action after having their new contracts imposed upon them.

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It makes me think of the terrible times when the landowners and mill owners, in the 18th and 19th centuries, made their workers work all day in appalling conditions for very little wages.

They were the days before trade unions, I must add.

Trade unions these days think very carefully before calling strike action and the union is correct in opposing the newly

crowned ‘dictator’ Jeremy Hunt and his Tory Government.

I hope everyone understands that the junior doctors are standing up to him and fully supports them in obtaining a fair and, more importantly, negotiated settlement.

Tony Monks

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Calls a real nuisance

Is anybody else sick and tired of nuisance calls?

Two and three times a day I am interrupted by these calls.

I thought Ofcom had stopped them, but obviously not.

It’s always a recorded message to start with, then you are told to press a number to carry on the call, presumably paid for by me.

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It’s about time these companies were made in law to leave caller details when they ring.

If I make a call, my name will appear, so whoever I call can either answer or not.

If they want to talk to me, they should have enough manners to speak to me in person.

You have no idea who is calling with all the different numbers – 01405, 0203, 0845.

Is it government, doctors, council?

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You never know until you answer the call and then you get that silent treatment for a few seconds, then the irritating message, “I’m phoning about your PPI.”

If it was a ‘real’ person on the other end, you could tell them where to go in no uncertain terms

David Mitchell

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Rubbish on our streets

I am absolutely disgusted with the amount of litter on our streets.

When I take my dog for a walk where I live, I pass so much rubbish.

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And of course my dog has to investigate to see if there is anything to eat, which there usually is!

If only people put things in the bins provided.

We should all look after our gardens and the patch outside our houses to keep them litter free.

If we all did this then the place we live in would be a nicer, cleaner one.

Jill Liversidge

via email