Readers' letters - March 2

Too many unhealthy cookery shows on primetime TV
Are there too many unhealthy cookery shows on primetime TV?Are there too many unhealthy cookery shows on primetime TV?
Are there too many unhealthy cookery shows on primetime TV?

We are preached to every day on the news by the Government, doctors and everyone else who thinks they should have a say, that we must eat healthier and eat less, and that we are an obese nation. Smoking has been banned everywhere, and has been turned into a witch hunt, with smokers being treated as outcasts. So why the hell do we have to put up with unhealthy food being shoved down our throats, with umpteen programmes, at all hours of the day, being shown on TV?This is on every other channel we turn to. The chefs on TV shows use frying pans being loaded with loads of butter and sugar.Do the people that broadcast these unhealthy programmes believe they are helping viewers by showing them how to make such unhealthy meals? It is time the Government took some action to stop the broadcasting of these programmes on primetime television. They should make them broadcast in the middle of the night.They would then be targeting the people who are most interested in these programmes because they will be the ones who are still up, raiding their fridges.Dave CroucherAddress supplied

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Betrayed by our politiciansIf a proper Brexit fails to be delivered by the next general election, the only reason would be because many of Britain’s own politicians are stabbing Britain in the back by being in collusion with the European Union. That would be the ultimate national disgrace and humiliation because our own Parliament stood in the way of our own independence, which we voted for. As it makes a mockery out of our democracy, all leave voters should show Parliament what they think by boycotting all general elections until we leave the European Union properly. I even think the two-year transition period is just a ploy to buy time to find a way to frustrate the will of the people. It makes me ashamed of my own country. I’m very disappointed.R N CoupeAddress supplied

EU splitting headaches...

The analogy of divorce has been used in an attempt to simplify the decision of the UK to leave the European Union. All sides of the argument are now finding the complexities and difficulties this involves to be more far-reaching than was ever envisaged. When two parties are involved in ordinary domestic divorce procedures, legal opinion often advises they seek counselling, in an effort to achieve an equitable outcome. In ordinary elections, when a political party gains power with a small majority, then subsequently struggles with their programme, they invariably seek a fresh mandate. The Brexit vote, and the aftermath, surely demands a similar procedure.Denis LeeAshton

No shame in getting help

So antidepressents are not so bad after all, say doctors now. It’s been said they should be prescribed more to people.Each to their own and if you need them, take them.Why suffer if medicine can help you?I was a little surprised after giving birth, just two weeks later, when I was offered tablets to help with my post-natal depression.I felt it was a bit quick.I didn’t want to take that route at that time but it’s helpful to many suffering.I took a different NHS route which worked for me. We must all do what’s best for us, there’s no shame in getting a helping hand along the way.Jayne Graysonvia email

Please explain lack of vote

Could someone please inform me why we are having to negotiate to leave the EU when the British people have never ever even had a vote to join this unelected ‘mafia’ run club in the first place ? Terry PalmerAddress supplied