Readers' letters - March 28

Spare a thought for the poor chickens this Easter

Friday, 6th April 2018, 2:10 pm
Updated Friday, 6th April 2018, 2:16 pm
A correspondent asks readers to think before buying eggs

At Easter, I would ask you to spare a thought for the millions of incarcerated hens which will die as soon as they fail to lay sufficient eggs. Why is it that the human race appears to applaud baby animals, for instance, chicks, lambs, and so on, but once they are a little older, we close our eyes to their destinies (too unpleasant to think about).Every year, more than six million male chicks are killed shortly after hatching, in inhumane ways. Their lives are apparently worth nothing at all.In the UK, 35 million eggs are eaten every day, despite the fact they are high in cholesterol. This, despite the fact that there are plenty of egg replacement foods available. It’s almost as though people care as little for their health as they do for the sentient animals being incarcerated for their pleasure.P Wardvia emailTipping point on school fundingWe may be reaching a tipping point on school funding. In recent days, reports have been coming in thick and fast, proving what school leaders already know – that budgets are at breaking point.The influential Education Policy Institute reported that the proportion of local authority maintained secondary schools in deficit has nearly trebled, with more than 60 per cent spending more than their income in 2016-17.The 2018 Academies Benchmark Report revealed that 55 per cent of the 450 academy trusts audited up to August 2017 were in deficit.No school is immune. Primary and secondary, academy and local authority, mainstream and specialist – the entire state-funded school system is rapidly heading towards insolvency.And the cuts are beginning to have an impact on children and education.Horrifyingly, 65 per cent of school leaders ‘strongly agree’ that cutbacks have already had a negative impact on the performance of their school.In the last General Election campaign, school funding was a key issue on the doorstep. It is clear that parents will not tolerate school standards slipping and that they are concerned for their children’s future. The government’s only option now is to find more money for schools, as they are doing for the NHS.Paul WhitemanGeneral secretary of school leaders’ union NAHTCrash drivers should get banThere has been news today, as always, of numerous traffic accidents up and down the country. No doubt this is to be expected as the volume of traffic increases daily, especially when the weather is bad. Perhaps it is time to review intently all who are regularly involved, and, regarding those found to be culpable, should they not be banned off the road completely, and only allowed back after rigorous testing?This would be a much better idea than conforming to regular requests to retest older drivers who, as with new, young drivers, are subjected to age discrimination in the way insurers charge disproportionate costs for cover, even when they are claims and accident free.Ernest Lundyvia emailLooking for info on Uncle Harry

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My Uncle Harry Ashmore, who was born in Bolton, Lancashire, ended up fighting in Burma in the Second World War.I do not know what regiment he belonged to.I am trying to get hold of his war record, and any photos that may be available.Is anyone able to tell me who is the best organisation to contact?My email address is [email protected] you.Charlie Telfervia email