Readers' letters - March 4

Changes will be unfair

By The Newsroom
Friday, 4th March 2016, 2:32 pm
Updated Friday, 4th March 2016, 3:36 pm
An older cat can make a wonderful companion says a reader. See letter
An older cat can make a wonderful companion says a reader. See letter

The proposed constituency boundary changes that will be soon be coming into place will clearly favour the current Conservative Government at the next General Election.

The boundary changes have been implemented by the Boundary Commission which, we are led to believe, is non-partisan, but I have my doubts.

It is clear that this Government is gerrymandering the electoral system in order to safeguard its election prospects.

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The Boundary Commission has clearly formulated the new boundaries in order to create safer seats for the Tories and, in doing so, it has disfranchised many voters across the country.

The plan to base new constituencies on electoral registration rather than population will hit the opposition harder.

I urge people to ensure they are on the Electoral Register because you have to register on an individual basis.

To add insult to injury, the Government has reduced the size of unions’ political funds, which are used to support Labour in elections, as well as many other awareness campaigns. Sadly it seems we are heading towards a dictatorship that does not recognise the voices of the people who have been hit hard by the Government’s austerity programme.

David Whitaker via email

Providing support

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I’m sure mothers are looking forward to receiving their cards, bunches of flowers and appreciation from their families.

For mothers caring for a life- threatened or terminally ill child, this day of the year is all the more important. These mothers can find Mother’s Day a frightening reminder of how different their child is and how quickly the simple things have become impossible as their child’s condition has intensified.

On top of the emotional strain on their shoulders, they work tirelessly caring for their seriously ill child while trying to keep normal life functioning around them.

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity provide practical and emotional support for families caring for a seriously ill child and works alongside these incredible mothers.

In the lead up to Sunday, March 6, Rainbow Trust is helping families to make this year’s Mother’s Day a memorable one. It might be helping seriously ill children to make handprints, baking mum’s favourite cake with siblings or just being a vital support.

Visit or call 01372 363438.

Anne Harris

Director of Care at Rainbow Trust

Adopt an older cat

With so many older cats waiting patiently for a new home in animal sanctuaries, may I sing their praises?

Older cats soon settle into a new home and make wonderful companions. They are quieter and more sensible than kittens and young cats, need less supervision and are used to household life.

They are content to spend much of their time just watching the world go by and enjoy any fuss they are given.

Nowadays, with improved nutrition and veterinary care, cats are living well into their teens and 20s, so adopting an older cat doesn’t mean you won’t spend many happy years together. Adopting one means you are making room for another homeless cat to come into the safety of a sanctuary and have the chance of finding a new loving home.

Josephine Harwood via email