Readers' letters - May 10

A few reasons to vote out

Tuesday, 10th May 2016, 4:33 pm
Updated Tuesday, 10th May 2016, 5:35 pm
There are potential risks of driverless cars says a correspondent. See letter

It is surprising the number of potential voters in the upcoming June 23 referendum who claim they do not have sufficient information other than to vote to ‘remain in the EU’. It is essential they fully understand what this really involves, since it will greatly affect the rest of their and our lives. Once we vote to remain in the EU we will be at the mercy of this Brussels EU Superstate Government.

Almost certainly the cost of our membership will be increased substantially. Expect this to rocket even more in future.

Our legal system will be over-ruled by the EU at every turn. Our court rulings will be dismissed in favour of the EU Napoleonic system, ‘you are guilty until proved innocent’, not ‘innocent until proved guilty’; which has applied in the UK. Our inability to return proven criminal elements to their EU countries of origin is already a bone of contention.

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The TTIP system, now being brokered between the EU and US, will be forced on us. It will mean the end of the NHS in favour of a US-style medical Insurance scheme. The acceptance of USA Monsanto GM seeds and the widespread use of other contaminated GM products for growing our foodstuffs, formerly rejected by farmers throughout Europe, will now become mandatory.

Our Army, RAF and Royal Navy will disappear in favour of being absorbed into a new EU Defence Force already proposed by the EU in order to satisfy America’s insistence on EU sharing.

Our Westminster Parliament will be downgraded further to the level of a parish council. We will lose all control of our economy, which many allege has already taken place with many of our Parliamentary proposals being over-ruled by the EU. The present 28-nation EU will shortly have to accept Turkey as a new member, as already agreed with Angela Merkel’s Germany as a condition of their containing the flow of Syrian migrants into Greece. Turkey’s previous inability to satisfy long-term conditions required for acceptance into EU membership does not auger well. These are a few reasons (among many more) why we should vote to cut off our membership. No further opportunity will be given us again.

E J Tilley via email


Driverless car risks

We’re getting closer to seeing driverless cars hit the British roads. While this has the potential to revolutionise the way we travel, we must be aware of the potential risks that driverless cars could cause for drivers and insurers.

New YouGov research commissioned by has revealed 68 per cent of the British population said they would be uncomfortable as a passenger in a driverless car.

Further issues arise when it comes to the risk of a collision with a driverless vehicle. Of the drivers polled in our survey, 56 per cent said that they would worry that if they had to make a claim against a driverless car, they would automatically be classed as ‘at fault’ by insurers.

Technology can be a great thing if harnessed successfully, but I worry that the advent of driverless cars is going to be fraught with more complex issues. The public look less than enamoured with the advent of driverless cars, and it’s time for the authorities to address concerns by being clear on the answers to the moral dilemmas brought up by implementing driverless cars on the roads, especially when it comes to the aspects of safety and policies following an accident. After all, with research showing that self-driving cars could save 2,500 lives in the UK between now and 2030, the sooner these technicalities are addressed, the better.

John Quail

CEO of