Readers' letters - May 12

Cars made a scapegoat for air pollution problem

Friday, 18th May 2018, 12:30 pm
Updated Friday, 18th May 2018, 12:31 pm
Cars are blamed for air pollution but what about aircraft? See letter

Concerns by some at Westminster over the targeting of only road vehicles – cars, vans, buses and HGVs – as the main cause of air pollution are well founded.The reality is that many more devices, not subject to any statutory controls or testing, are creating emissions. These include railway locomotives, static and mobile construction machinery, heating and cooking appliances, diesel generators supplying the National Grid at peak demand, plus, of course, jet aircraft, the most polluting of all!The real reason for declining air quality is excessive human activity, contributed to by over-population. Not many years ago, shops and offices had limited opening hours – not on Sundays as today. Pubs shut at 10pm and there were only a few other leisure venues, for example, cinemas or theatres. Today, we have 24/7 mayhem as thousands of journeys are taken daily to casinos and so on. Tourism is now also identified as a major cause of pollution, with trivial low cost air travel a major factor.Sadly motor vehicles are the only group subject to either regulation or taxes, thus making them an easy target for politicians who have themselves created today’s problems in various ways over the years.DS Boyesvia emailInterference is scandalousI write today to express my disgust at the House of Lords. Their interference in the bill to exit the EU is nothing short of scandalous. Their suggestion that they are only trying to improve the bill is laughable. It is quite clear from all their amendments that they seek to keep us in the EU, which would mean accepting the four freedoms – all of which were rejected by the vote to leave. It will in no way help to improve any deal offered by Mr Barnier. He is just sitting back waiting for them to do his work for him. We pay £300 per day for these Lords just to turn up. It is time for the House of Lords to be scrapped. Also I would like to point out to the likes of Nicky Morgan and Anna Soubry, amongst a number of others, that their manifesto promise was to leave both the single market and the customs union. People like Mr Rees-Mogg and Mr Johnson are trying to hold the Conservatives to that promise. It is the Remoaners in this party that are stamping their feet because they didn’t get the result they wanted, not the Brexiteers. Valerie Wilkesvia email‘EU-loving plutocrats’

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After the attempt by the Lords to derail Brexit, despite the will of the people, this cabal of overpaid panjandrums is ripe for a clear-out. Everyone was entitled to a vote in the Brexit referendum, and for unelected Lords to disregard the result, simply because they don’t like it, is outrageous.They are not doing this for remain voters or for the good of the nation. They are EU-loving plutocrats with an overblown sense of their importance. It would be instructive to see how committed they are to coming to the House to further their cause were we able to abolish their £300-a-day allowance. Derrick Bondvia emailWe’re here to support you

You may have seen news stories about a problem with breast screening invitations in England since 2009. It has affected many thousands of women who would be aged between 69 and 79 today.We’ve created a dedicated page on our website, where you can watch our minute-long video with Breast Cancer Care clinical director Dr Emma Pennery.People who are affected (or are worried they may be) can read more in the blog.Our free helpline is there Monday to Saturday on 0808 800 6000 to support people through this and any other breast cancer concerns they may have. Our Ask Our Nurses email service can provide expert support in writing.I know this is a deeply worrying time for many people and promise you that we will do everything we can to support those affected through it.Samia al QadhiChief ExecutiveBreast Cancer Care