Readers' letters - May 16

If only election would bring win for the many, not the few

Thursday, 18th May 2017, 11:40 am
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:40 pm

For the many, not the few...

As a slogan it fits quite nicely for the Labour party.

I have thought of a good slogan for the Conservatives if they would like to use it - I’m alright Jack.

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The Tory philosophy seems to be just that, as long as they are ok, then let’s not worry about those further down the ladder. After all, these Tories need to feather their own nests so they can climb even further up the ladder. That way they can create further distance between themselves and the great unwashed.

And to control that great unwashed - the plebs if you will - they are using cash from millionaires and billionaires to bankroll their propaganda campaign of hate against their rival Jeremy Corbyn.

What saddens me is that even some Labour supports have accepted the propaganda as a fact of life and that Corbyn should be removed because he’ll never gain power while media moguls and Theresa May go after him.

And so these Labour supporters will vote Conservative to hasten Corbyn’s departure.

By doing so they are ensuring a continuing grip on the nation by the one party that is not for the many.

Theresa May is focussing her campaign ahead of the General Election on the incabability of her rival to rule. The Labour Party is instead focussing on its policies which are - as Corbyn says - for the many, not the few.

In a world without the veil of propaganda and a rigged electoral system that favours the Tories, there would only be one winner - “the many”.

Sadly we don’t live in that world.


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Cyclists should show courtesy

I have seen cyclists blatantly ride on pavements doing wheelies, totally ignoring pedestrians, some with young children, and when told to refrain giving a mouthful back. I have seen them stop on pavements expecting pedestrians to step into the road, it is the same with the subways, either urban or on railway stations.

Rule 64 of the Highway code states: “You must not cycle on a pavement,” so why is it not being enforced, do they think they are above the law? On one occasion I saw a cyclist angrily point at a car driver who whilst waiting at a junction was just slightly over the cycle lane, yet later saw the same cyclist blatantly riding on the pavement, despite a cycle lane being on the road.

On canal towpaths surely it is not beyond the bounds of courtesy to either have a bell fitted or simply say “passing on your right/left please” it does work, and leads to a far better relationship between pedestrians and cyclists.

Yes, cyclists are vulnerable but are often their own worst enemies. I have seen them ride without lights at night, on the opposite side of the road into oncoming traffic, riding with no hands talking on mobiles, not stopping at junctions, resulting in near misses which had it not been for the vigilance of the other road user may have had a tragic ending, not to mention thinking they are above the law when it comes to red traffic lights.

Not all cyclists are like this, there are responsible ones just as are there are responsible vehicle drivers, but it is time something was done.

Perhaps a compulsory highway code test, or even bringing back the old cycling proficiency test, or the police doing their job with regards to cycling offences. In an accident there is always sympathy for the victim, but if they are taught and act correctly there is every chance of them not becoming the victim.

Trevor Wainwright

via email

Is it Labour or communism?

So Comrade Corbyn is going to turn the UK into Communist State. Will we be sent to a gulag in the wilds of Scotland under the care of Comrade Sturgeon if we disagree with him or the party?

Hilary Andrews

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