Readers' letters - May 18

Dangers of cannabis use outweighs so-called benefits

Friday, 18th May 2018, 12:51 pm
Updated Friday, 18th May 2018, 12:56 pm
Cannabis wrecks lives says a correspondent

Cannabis has wrecked so many lives and, following research, there is now documented evidence that the drug causes psychosis and is directly linked to violent crime, including murder.It has also been established as the underlying cause of the surge in gun and knife-related crimes. It is interesting to note that the Metropolitan Police files show half of all deaths are due to the drugs trade and, in other studies carried out, it was found two-thirds of those who commit murder have a history of cannabis use. If ever proof were needed to highlight the connection between cannabis users and shocking criminal acts, we only have to look at a few cases including Salman Abedi, the terrorist who carried out the Manchester Arena bombing atrocity, who was a frequent and heavy cannabis smoker; the terrorists who killed soldier Lee Rigby; the perpetrator of the Westminster Bridge attack and too many more to mention, all cannabis smokers. I have personal knowledge of a case where an intelligent, pleasant young man had led a normal life until he became a frequent cannabis user and tragically ended up committing a horrific murder. All these terrible acts of violence should shame the liberal elite who are pushing for cannabis to be decriminalised and also the police, whose attitude is far too relaxed in dealing with drug users and dealers. Prosecutions for possessing cannabis have plummeted while the numbers needing medical treatment for smoking the drug have soared. Drug addiction and the associated mental health problems are a ticking timebomb and have a devastating effect on society. The dangers of cannabis far outweigh any so-called ‘health benefits’ but those who misguidedly claim otherwise obviously haven’t had to pick up the pieces of shattered lives like so many families have had to do. Susan Richardsonvia email

‘Israel’s a lawless state’PM Theresa May’s official spokesman played Little Sir Echo to Washington in declaring, “We condemn Iran’s attack on Israel, Israel should defend itself”.The PM’s office appears ignorant of geography since no missiles landed within Israel’s borders. They were directed against Israeli bases on occupied Syrian land. Israel claims, as in the case of East Jerusalem, to have annexed Syria’s Golan Heights, but neither annexation is legal under international law, although this presents no problem to Donald Trump nor the British Government.Israel says it makes clear it will not allow Syrian territory to be used by Iran’s Guards to train or arm Lebanese resistance groups or various pro-Assad groups.Once again, Israel has no right under international law to tell a neighbouring state which forces it can approach to defend itself against concerted outside efforts to overthrow its government.Israel is a lawless state, armed to the teeth.The danger is that those ordered to bow the knee will instead seek new means to retaliate, raising the threshold of horror and suffering to an unimagined level for everyone.Royston JonesAddress supplied

It’s time to moveon from class

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It’s time to move into the 21st century with a move away from class structures. A lot of the discussion about the upcoming royal wedding – only one of probably thousands this weekend – makes much of the ‘commoner’ marrying into a royal family. It’s time to regard all people as equal and praise them for what they do rather than who they were born to.Although common really means normal, in this use it tends to mean lower and really, there are many commoners who rise above this implied minimum. Most Nobel prize winners, prime ministers, medical researchers or great scientists only have titles that they earn after many years and yet they contribute so much more.We all come into the world the same and it’s what we do that counts. We do, however, wish all of the thousands of couples the best in their new lives together.Dennis Fitzgeraldvia email

Nick Robinson did a good job

Environment Secretary Michael Gove – and Sir Keir Starmer, Labour’s Brexit spokesman – did not answer a single question put to them by the BBC’s Nick Robinson on Sunday morning.Their obfuscation explains why Britain is in such a muddle when the country’s leaders should be finalising plans for next March when the UK leaves the EU.Fair play to Mr Robinson for exposing them. If only more at the BBC were capable, or willing, to do likewise.Henry CobdenAddress supplied