Readers' letters - May 23

Pressure to reform EU

Monday, 23rd May 2016, 5:20 pm
Updated Monday, 23rd May 2016, 6:23 pm
A reader calls on Labour MPs to support Jeremy Corbyn. See letter

Whilst remaining in the EU is not a perfect solution, I believe that there is a general view throughout the EU that Brussels must be reformed and its influence reduced. This is what the recent unofficial referendum in the Netherlands has indicated.

Having worked for a German company (BASF) for 23 years, including working in Germany, the information I am receiving is that there is pressure to reform Brussels, which can only support the vote to stay in the EU on June 23.

When you join a club, you do not have to agree to every article of that club but you remain for your personal benefit.

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You work towards changing the parts that you do not agree with, rather than resign and forget the positives of being a member.

The EU is no different. The UK has a fantastic reputation in the EU and our influence in world affairs is stronger because of our membership. Most of the trading partnerships globally do not want to negotiate with every individual country but prefer to deal with groups of countries where trading terms are the same throughout that particular group.

John R Blundell,

Address supplied


Get behind your leader

As a member of the Labour Party for 33 years, I have never experienced a leadership which has come under such intense scrutiny and been subjected to such disrespect from its own MPs.

I did not vote for Jeremy as leader. That said, I accept the result and am happy to leaflet and canvass for my party, as I have done whoever is the leader. It is a shame self-important MPs can’t do the same. The antics of John Mann, Simon Danczuk and Michael Dugher says far more about them than the Labour leader. John Prescott labels these people as the “Bitterites”.

I wholeheartedly agree. The Parliamentary Labour Party quickly needs to get behind its leader, or members who continue to undermine the leadership should do the decent thing and resign.

For many years, in some northern constituencies it has been said that a donkey could get elected as long as it had a red rosette on it. The aforementioned MPs are stark evidence of this truism!

Brian Nugent,

via email

road safety

Pedestrians: be careful

I write regarding selfish pedestrians stepping out in front of motor vehicles.

Some pedestrians are a menace, especially the smartphone perma-glued variety. And if what used to be considered to be an accident should occur, there is usually an assumption that it must be the driver’s fault. Hence the careless lack of responsibility shown by some pedestrians.

I am old enough to remember that, before the lawyer-inspired knotweed of blame culture took root in this country, this was not always the case.

Gary Crosby

Address supplied


It’s not fair on children

I don’t agree with kids being allowed to go on holiday in term time because, when they go back, they will be doing different things and I don’t think it is fair to the child or the teacher.

Tina via email