Readers' letters - May 27

europeIn campaign's Project Fear

Friday, 27th May 2016, 5:00 pm
Updated Friday, 27th May 2016, 7:13 pm
Readers debate the pros and cons of staying  in or leaving the EU. See letters
Readers debate the pros and cons of staying in or leaving the EU. See letters

We all have been warned by the Establishment.

If we leave the EU, we, the UK, will press the self-destruct button to a cataclysmic breakdown of seismic proportions.

Forget the consequences of fracking in the UK, the reverberations are going to be felt across the globe!

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Head for the bunkers – World War Three is upon us.

Book your holiday now as the pound is about to devalue and your family holiday is going up by over £200.

Go by train not by plane, as air fares will increase.

House prices are set to plummet, hundreds of thousands will lose their jobs, we will have inflation, prices will soar but not those of your house.

In an era of low and stagnating wages, you will 
be £4,000 per year worse 
off. After a promise of five years of austerity, extended to another five years of austerity until at least 2020, leaving the EU will give us another two years of austerity and don’t forget the self-imposed recession!

And our special ally will stick two fingers at us and put us to the back of the queue for any new trade deal.

As I am voting to leave the EU, I am immoral.

This coming from the establishment supporting the EU that keeps refugees fleeing war and persecution in cages of barbed wire whilst letting millions of their own citizens come and go at their own free will.

And despite Cameron saying, and I quote, “This is something I feel very strongly, very passionately about… I want us to pave the road from Ankara to Brussels…”

Cameron now denies Turkey’s imminent membership to the EU.

Project Fear – do you smell a rat?

Michael Moulding,



I’ll be voting to stay in

I voted Yes to join and will be voting to stay in on June 23.

Whilst short-term economic questions are important, what is critical to me is the future, not just of the UK, but of Europe and the world.

The logic behind the reasons for leaving the EU for economic reasons is that the UK would be better off on its own. But that logic suggests that every country in the world would be better off by having its own self-centred needs having priority over everyone else. History has shown that this mentality creates conflict and the exploitation of weaker groups by the more powerful.

Yes, there are challenges for the future of Europe but, if we are unable to work together in Europe for our joint benefit, how do we expect to work with the rest of the world for our common benefit?

Bill Greene via email


Thank you to volunteers

With Volunteers’ Week, the annual celebration of the contribution volunteers make, happening from June 1 to 12, I wanted to take the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to everyone in your local area who has contributed so much to charity Meningitis Now.

Because of our volunteers, we reach more people who need us, make change happen, fund more research and, above all, are moving closer to making our goal, where no one dies from meningitis and everyone affected gets the support they need, a reality. By giving a little of your time, you help us to help those affected by meningitis and just a few hours a month can make an amazing difference. If anyone would like to join us email [email protected]

Tammy Williams

Volunteer Manager

Meningitis Now