Readers' letters - May 3

What have we done to deserve May, Corbyn and Farron?

Friday, 5th May 2017, 10:18 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 8:20 pm

I listened a short time back to the wonder of Mozart’s Coronation Mass, and again relished his genius.

Then I asked myself do I want another coronation in June, a Conservative one, and I say no.

I say no as a convinced Leave voter and one who would still vote that way again, knowing it would 
not be cost-free and 

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My concern is the NHS and what a rampant Tory party would do.

My gut instinct is not to trust them, privatisation is in their DNA – profit first and the sick second.

It is thanks to NHS 
staff that I am alive and, after I have heard them talking about the current state of the service, I am concerned.

It is little wonder Theresa May is not keen on talking about it.

I look at Jeremy Corbyn and see a politician I can not relate to, especially on national security.

I see a Labour Party incapable of making any firm stand on Brexit negotiations when most of their MPs are Remain backers.

The Lib Dems I see as little more than Merkel’s poodles, her doormat.

If a country gets the politicians it deserves, what has this country done to deserve May, Corbyn, Farron?

Soon I will listen to Bryn Terfel and Anna Netrebko singing Mozart and later watch the TV news and hear politicians – what a contrast between the great composer and the grubby and tacky.

But I will vote in 

M K O’Sullivan

via email

We can all make a difference

I have read many people’s concerns about the amount of litter and poop bags in our lovely countryside, villages and towns.

Yet there seems to have been no solutions put forward, just complaints and lots of head shaking.

I have seen the signs in the area threatening fines for leaving dog poop or litter but does anyone actually get fined?

There are miles and miles of paths and no effective way to police them all to ensure they stay clean.

I regularly see full poop bags right next to those very signs! So it seems to me to be a very ineffective deterrent.

I have a proposal for all of us who hate to see other people’s thoughtlessness affect our environment, why not be the person to make a difference?

If you see litter, pick it up, bag it and dispose of it properly.

Yes, it’s not your litter or dog poop and it’s disgusting, but it may just give you a warm glow inside to know you are doing something good.

I have set the example to my two children to always have a bag in my pocket when we walk. They have become so enthusiastic about our walks and cleaning our lovely countryside as we go.

It has really made a difference to our local footpath.

On our first walk, we collected 19 poop bags (some hanging from trees), six cans, three glass bottles, four plastic bottles, a pair of trainers, an old shirt, plastic bags, candy wrappers, crisp bags and a pair of shorts.

Each time we go we find less and less.

I get the impression that when people see litter there already they think it’s okay to add more but now it’s cleaner maybe they think twice before littering?

Maybe if we all start picking up as we go then we can really make a change.

Angela Spar

via email

Stick to your policies, Boris

Boris Johnson is always erudite in his use of language but I doubt if calling Jeremy Corbyn a “mugwump” will do him any favours with the electorate.

Most will regard it as an unnecessary insult.

Please stick to outlining Conservative policies,


Hilary Andrews