Readers' letters - May 4

An act that's worthy of Shakespeare

Wednesday, 4th May 2016, 5:07 pm
Updated Wednesday, 4th May 2016, 7:10 pm
A reader criticises Ukip and Nigel Farages policies. See letter

Has there ever been a bigger political ‘fraud’ than Ukip’s Nigel Farage?

All this pint in hand, hail fellow propping up the bar and bonhomie is an act worthy of the best Shakespearian folly.

A radical alternative to the mainstream?

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Do voters a favour!

Nobody could be more deeply rooted into the well- heeled, easy-come soil of the establishment.

This supposedly ordinary bloke was schooled at the £38,000 a year Dulwich College.

He used his gigantic family silver spoon to become a massively paid commodity broker in the City of London.

And he was a Thatcher lap dog and a very vocal admirer and supporter.

Indeed, he only left the Tories because he claimed it had become “too left wing” and had moved away, thankfully, from the kind of fundamentalist right wing free market-is-God policies which had wrecked so much of British industry.

Ukip appears to be funded by bonkers-billionaires and shadowy bankers.

Fellow travellers one and all.

And that is before you start to consider that the reason extreme right wing groups like the BNP have all but disappeared back into the primordial swamps they emerged from is that many of their supporters are now Ukip instead.

Under Farage’s leadership, it has attempted to rebrand itself as a supporter of the concept of our NHS.

But the reality is that, as recently as two years ago, he is on record as stating that he would be “more comfortable” if the NHS was opened up to an insurance-based “marketplace”.

In one of the supreme ironies, Ukip and its multi- millionaire national leader claims that immigrants are putting pressure on the 

The reality is that it would collapse in days without the hard working army of foreign- born workers which keeps it going.

The truth is that, like Trump in the United States, Farage is attempting to exploit the fact that the people across our region are hurting over the economy.

Wake up and see Farage and Ukip for what they are.

Trade Unionist and Proud European,

Address supplied


Leaflets are made in UK

I read with great interest your article regarding election leaflets and the fact Mr Lomax-Hargreaves states “I’m an average working guy”. Well, I’m sorry but I think 
that excuse is pathetic.

I’m also an average working guy who is standing for council this year in Ashton in Makerfield as an Independent.

I would never have considered moving my business out of the town and have asked a local printers to do the work – this gives employment to local people, therefore contributing to our local economy.

And for Mr Lomax-Hargreaves to then state he has now found a printer in the UK shows how unprepared for this campaign he is.

That in itself is an insult 
to the local voters if he 
thinks he can just rock up with no preparation and 
still gain the trust of the voting public.

Well, Mr Lomax-Hargreaves, you don’t deserve any votes!

I will have spent well within the allowed budget and have had 7,000 leaflets and posters all printed locally in Ashton in Makerfield.

Richard Aylett

(Independent Candidate for Ashton in Makerfield)