Mystery object spotted in the sky baffles Wigan resident

A Wigan resident claims to have seen a mysterious object in the sky and is wondering if anyone else spotted the strange device

Tuesday, 30th July 2019, 12:30 pm
Did the mysterious object spotted over Wigan have its origin in outer space?

Margaret Kay said the bizarre oval contraption was hovering high above the borough in daylight on Saturday evening.

Other news: Teen suffers multiple stab wounds in housing estate gang attackThe inexplicable vision was spotted on Scot Lane in Newtown heading towards Laithwaite Road and appeared to be getting lower in the sky while also changing shape as it moved.

Mrs Kay said she experienced the unusual sight at 9pm and is now curious if any other Wiganers spotted it or can shed any light on what it might have been.

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She said: “There was a strange object in the sky which I can find no logical explanation for. I can only describe it as a sort of dark rugby ball shape stood on its point. It had a bright white light attached to the left of it as I was looking at it.

“It was silent and appeared to regularly inflate and deflate. It was a not a microlight, glider, hot air balloon or Chinese lantern and did not look like any drone.

“I have spent years living around airfields and flying schools and it resembled nothing I have previously seen.”

Mrs Kay said after about 10 minutes the object began to rise and travel out of sight.

However, she was unable to take photographs or get video footage.

Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have been seen for centuries but today it is thought most cases involve unusual but explicable items or poorly-understood natural phenomena.

Did you see the object above Newtown? If you did, email [email protected]