Rainbow display at Wigan hospital for NHS employees

Theatre assistant Michelle Graves has created the spectacular design to keep morale up among her colleagues and show appreciation of their work on the Covid-19 front line.
The rainbow at Wigan InfirmaryThe rainbow at Wigan Infirmary
The rainbow at Wigan Infirmary

Michelle, from Beech Hill, has included dozens of faces of hospital staff in the rainbow, which is located on a corridor leading to the operating theatres at Wigan Infirmary.

Employees in the display include anaesthetists, operational department practitioners, scrub nurses, a matron, surgeons and domestics currently engaging in the crucial task of ensuring hygiene and cleanliness throughout the hospital.

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Michelle, 39, said she hoped it would show how well the Trust’s staff have come together during the public health crisis and give the team at Wigan Infirmary a boost.

Theatre assistant Michelle GravesTheatre assistant Michelle Graves
Theatre assistant Michelle Graves

“We all appreciate each other and are a good team pulling together to support one another. It’s about feeling the love!

“The staff here are always a good, close bunch and we’ve also had Leigh and Wrightington staff helping out. We’ve all got on with it and we’re a bigger family now.

“The theatres at Wigan Infirmary are full of hard-working, dedicated and amazing people and I’m so lucky to be part of the team.”

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Michelle was asked to put the design together by senior operational department practitioner Caroline Wilburn, who took the pictures, printed them off and got them laminated.

Her colleague Claire Nesmejanow then helped Michelle to cut all the photos out and put them in their final positions.

The rainbow is above silhouettes of two black hills with children looking like they are blowing the hearts as though they are blowing bubbles.