Residents on Wigan "rat run" demand safety crackdown after terrifying crash

Angry householders are ramping up a campaign to stop cars using their Wigan street as a “rat run” after a horror smash there.

Residents of Cambourne Drive in Hindley Green have been complaining about motorists taking a diversion down their road to avoid the Leigh Road traffic lights for years.

Measures have been taken but the problem has persisted and the final straw came recently when a lorry with a trailer ignored the 20mph speed limit, lost control and took out four parked cars and a garden wall.

It drove off, leaving the trailer containing foliage, behind.

The residents of Cambourne Drive have grown tired of people using the estate to bypass traffic lights on Leigh Road

Ken Boulton, 68, is one of many Cambourne Drive residents exasperated by the incident earlier this month.

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He said: “If someone had been walking there at the time, the incident would have been fatal.

"We must do something to protect the people that live here and their families.”


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Damage caused by the driver of the vehicle

After contacting his local MP six weeks ago, he was informed that due to no injuries or accidents occurring, no further action would be taken.

A point backed up further by the police, who stated that as their report will not include any injuries, it cannot be recorded.

This has caused homeowners to ramp up their previous campaigns to prevent this happening again, a battle they have been fighting for over 10 years.


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A community meeting to discuss what could be done to prevent future incidents was held in the aftermath of the crash.

It has been suggested that speed ramps could be installed on Cambourne Drive to limit the speed of drivers on the estate.

Another local, who did not wish to be identified, said: “After complaining before, 20mph signs were put up, but they only have so much effect, as this collision has proved.

"Lives are at risk here.”


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In a social media post local councillor John Vickers said: "I have already sent off the email requesting a consultation as a matter of urgency on the blocking off of the Leigh Road entrance/exit to the estate.

“I have also included that residents at the meeting wanted a trial period to evaluate issues that may arise.”

Coun Vickers and fellow council representative James Palmer said they continued to support residents of Cambourne Drive in finding a solution to the traffic issues on the estate.