The Lathums pay tribute to Wigan and their loyal fanbase for helping them to the top of the UK charts

The Lathums say their number one debut album is an achievement for the whole of Wigan and the entire community who have been behind them.
The Lathums' debut album went to number one in the UK chartsThe Lathums' debut album went to number one in the UK charts
The Lathums' debut album went to number one in the UK charts

Drummer Ryan Durrans says the support from their home town and loyal fanbase helped How Beautiful Life Can Be on its way to becoming a UK chart topper.

Along with bandmates Alex Moore, Scott Concepcion and Johnny Cunliffe, the four-piece have become one of the biggest acts in the North West.

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Ryan said: “We have loads of support in Wigan, and have sold a lot of albums here. We always have a good turnout and a good reception. It is not just Wigan’s number one, it is a number one for everyone who bought the album and every single fan.

The four-piece are hoping to do a big show in Wigan at some point in the futureThe four-piece are hoping to do a big show in Wigan at some point in the future
The four-piece are hoping to do a big show in Wigan at some point in the future

“It’s a big thing for everyone. I know we’re the faces of it, but it’s all part of the community. People seem to love us, at the gigs you can feel it radiating from them.

“It’s been a long time coming, we have had it recorded since the early days of lockdown, so it is a relief to have it out. It’s been very hard to keep our mouths shut when people started to find out, but we have always been quietly confident.”

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The band came together in 2019, releasing their debut single the same year.

Fans got behind the album to help it to top spotFans got behind the album to help it to top spot
Fans got behind the album to help it to top spot
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Since then, they have constantly continued to grow, playing gigs up and down the country.

The outbreak of Covid-19 may have caused some disruption for the four-piece, but they made the best out of a bad situation, with online lockdown content proving to be a huge hit.

This all led up to the release of their debut LP last month, which generated support from the likes of Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders and One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson. On the day the album came out, they played a special show at The Monaco in Hindley in front of a sold-out crowd.

Ryan said: “It was amazing. There is nothing quite like a hometown show. None of us even knew that venue existed. It was huge, we thought the largest would’ve been the Old Courts, so we are glad we found it.

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“We’ve not anything else big booked in yet, we will get this current tour over and done with, and just enjoy it. Monaco is probably the biggest one in Wigan, so the next one will be special.

“You can’t beat a hometown gig, so if we can find one, we will do it. Hopefully, I’m going to say, I would like it to be Haigh Hall.”

Following the release, the band felt confident they could get top spot, but not before a few doubts creeped in prior to the official announcement.

“We were all hoping it would be number one, and there were a few sleepless nights.

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“We did reach a point when we became pretty confident about it, and it felt good. Then, Drake dropped his album, so things got a bit sceptical, but we overcame it.

“He is one of the biggest names in the world and we knocked him off top spot, so it’s not too bad for four lads from Wigan.”

A social media video showed Ryan heading to HMV to buy the LP, with plenty of fans doing the same to put guitar music back on top.

“I’m quite offended they didn’t give it to me for free considering it was my album, but it went towards the number one so I can’t complain.

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“It’s mega being the name and the face representing guitar music, we are just glad to be part of it. Other bands have done it, which is good, because we aren’t the only ones trying to save rock ‘n’ roll.”

The four-piece had only just woken up when they were told they had officially reached the top of the charts.

Ryan said: “We were all a bit dazed when we found out, but we had a hug and a laugh. We were buzzing, but just chilled for a bit. We were on tour, so we had to set up in the venue and sound check. It was business as usual but with a lot more smiley faces about.

“It was the busiest week we have had since we started gigging again. We did countless interviews, a load of signings and just meeting people. It was proper hectic, with gigs in between. We can’t be doing much wrong at the minute, so if we keep ploughing on then we will be alright”.

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Ryan says he is proud to be putting his home town on the map and spearheading a whole new generation of talent.

“It’s an honour to represent Wigan. When you get a following behind you, you can use it as a platform for better things. You can promote better things, like the community or saving the football club.

“The music scene in Wigan is going off the charts. There are so many good bands knocking about.”

The band are currently enjoying a UK tour, with their number one trophy joining them on the trip.

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“Every chance we have had, we have shown it off. I mean, why wouldn’t you? It’s a lovely trophy.

“It’s nice to see the masses still wanting to come and see us, it is not just fans, we have got people who enjoy music watching us. It’s good especially if they’re just at a festival and they come along.”

The current set of dates includes a sold-out night at Manchester’s O2 Victoria Warehouse on October 16, as well as shows in Leeds and Edinburgh amongst others.

Before the end of the year they also have unplugged dates in Liverpool on December 18 and Glasgow on December 20.

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Ryan says they will enjoy a break over the festive period after a hectic year, but they won’t be resting for long.

“We will finish this tour and have some time off over Christmas, then just get back out there, doing what we can.”

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