The Secrets ... probably the best nesting place in the world . . .

A duck has nested on top of a canal boat which looks like a can of Carlsberg at Crooke Marina, Standish Lower Ground

Friday, 23rd April 2021, 2:42 pm
Kath Fleming on her barge

After more than a year of lockdowns we all need a little cheer - and the sight of a duck nesting on top of a canal boat should do the trick.

The duck can be seen on the narrow boat which looks like a can of Carlsberg, at Crooke Marina, Standish Lower Ground.

To bring a further smile to faces, the animal is guarding 11 eggs which are due to hatch at any moment.

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A duck has nested with eggs on the barge at Crooke Marina, Standish Lower Ground

Kath Fleming, 48, said the duck which she has named “The Secret”, has been on her barge for about four weeks now.

Ms Fleming, who lives on the boat which she calls “The Secrets” with partner Darren O’Brien, said: “She decided to make herself a home on top of the boat.

“It’s in a crate box which is not that big but she’s made a home and 11 eggs are due to hatch. They must be due


The barge looks like a can of Carlsberg

“Children are interested in this and when they go past they see it on the roof.

“They always ask us whether the eggs have hatched yet.”

And Ms Fleming said she would love to record the amazing moments when the birth happens .

Although Ms Fleming said she has a camera, she does not know how to use or set it up to record the birth.

She said: “They will hatch at the same time and it will take 24 hours for them all to, so this will give us a chance to try and record the birth if we can get someone to help.

“She’s had the eggs about three weeks now and every time she goes down for something to eat, she doesn’t cover them up as we’re here, but when we’re not here, she’ll cover them up.

“We first noticed her on the boat about four weeks


“I’ve called her The Secret after the boat which is called The Secrets.

“It’s a narrow boat with a giant can of Carlsberg on it as we have a passion for the drink.”

Her love for the duck is so great that Ms Fleming put it under her umbrella during the recent snow spell in the area.

She said: “My partner says I’m obsessed with the duck but I love her.

“She’s such a lovely duck and it will be such a nice moment if we can record the birth.

“I’m so excited for this to happen.”

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