Viral fame online for Wigan pranksters during lockdown

The pair have even caught the attention of a number of celebrities with their hilarious antics.
Martin Clarke and Rebecca Kane have gone viral on FacebookMartin Clarke and Rebecca Kane have gone viral on Facebook
Martin Clarke and Rebecca Kane have gone viral on Facebook

Martin Clarke and his partner Rebecca Kane started posting short comic clips, usually of them winding each other up, on Facebook several weeks ago.

And the Hawkley Hall duo were amazed when they quickly started going viral, with their social media account now having more than 117,000 followers.

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Along the way they have also attracted the attention of famous faces including Wigan-born model and reality TV star Tanya Bardsley, UFC fighter Darren Till and Prison Break actor Dominic Purcell.

Martin, who works at Arnold Clark, said he and Rebecca had no expectation of public success when they started posting, having been encouraged by family and friends laughing at their antics.

Martin, 35, said: “It started with us just messing about on Snapchat. We were sending them to friends and people said they were absolutely hilarious.

“One of our friends put a video of us on Facebook and it all went quite quickly from there. We put them on our own page and it went crazy with so many messages.

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“They are basically prank videos of Rebecca winding me up doing day-to-day chores around the house.

“The response has been crazy. We’ve had people messaging to thank us saying it’s encouraging them, getting them laughing and getting them through the lockdown.

“I went to the supermarket on Poolstock Lane after one of our videos went viral and people were shouting my name. It’s just really surreal and bizarre.

“We’re really enjoying it and we’re going to carry on doing it. The response we’ve had has all been really positive.”

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Martin is now juggling his job and racking up the social media likes while Rebecca, 36, is on the furlough scheme as The Silverwell pub where she works behind the bar has shut.

The duo have attracted people from as far afield as Australia, Mexico, Canada and India to watch their short comedic clips.

To find out more search for Martin and Bex on Facebook. The videos may include some strong language.

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