Wigan band's brave lead singer dislocates and fractures knee on stage - but carries on!

The lead singer of a Wigan band suffered an excruciating injury on stage, but in rock ‘n’ roll spirit continued with the gig anyway.

Thom Rylance, the lead singer of Leigh-based band The Lottery Winners encapsulated lived up to the mantra “the show must go on” at a recent performance.

That’s because, despite dislocating and fracturing his knee, he managed to continue until the end of the show, an act of courage that was also reflected by the lyrics to one of the band’s own songs which tells you to “get up and start again!”

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The incident occured at a sold out Cafe Indie in Scunthorpe on October 30.

The band have continued their tour despite the lead singer being injured
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He went to hospital straight afterwards and the band have since confirmed that Thom is undergoing scans and consultations and is already feeling much better after having the chance to get some rest.

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In a social media post they said: “The headline gigs and the support tour with the Reytons will be going ahead as planned, but Thom may have to sit as advised by the doctors.

"Can’t wait to see you all soon. Get up and start again.”

Thom nursing his injuries

They have also continued their tour and done a number of performances since the accident.

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Discussing his injury and heroics, Thom said: “A lot of people are calling me a hero and legend about it, but don’t believe these rumours as true as they might be.

"I was showing off like I always do, but a bit too much and ended up crashing into our guitarist Rob. As a result I dislocated and fractured my knee, the absolute best place to fall over and badly hurt yourself is a room full of people that are looking at you specifically.”