Wigan man who feared his dog had been stolen while he suffered a fit has been reunited with his pet

A Wigan man who feared that his beloved dog had been stolen while he suffered a seizure in the town centre has been reunited with the pet.

The man, known as Ian, regularly walks through the centre with 13-year-old Roxy. But after he had a convulsion in the street on Saturday October 1, he discovered Roxy had gone missing.

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On a Facebook post to alert Wigan residents to ensure Roxy’s safe return, many Wiganers commented and shared it across social media to get the news across to anyone who may know the whereabouts of Ian’s beloved and loyal pet.

Ian whose dog disappeared while he had a seizure.

The post, created by Steph Haseldon, read: “This is Ian, he lived in Ashton before moving to Wigan town centre. You will remember he has a 13-year-old dog called Roxy.

"They went everywhere together. Roxy was so placid, she never had a lead. He had a fit in Wigan town centre on Saturday and someone has stolen his dog. Keep a look out, guys.”

There was certainly a large public reaction with many people offering their sympathies and saying that Ian and his pet could often be seen in the area.

But no-one was coming forward with sightings.

Ian and Roxy walking through Wigan town centre.

Then, just as hope was being lost, Wigan Today was contacted by reader Catherine Costello, who had first alerted us to the incident, to say that Ian and Roxy had been reunited.

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The dog had been found with a man in a park and was now safely back home with her delighted owner.