Chris Green MP welcomes news of Chester Zoo reopening

Bolton West & Atherton MP, Chris Green, has welcomed news that Chester Zoo has been allowed to reopen.

Chester Zoo recently launched a fundraising campaign after they revealed that the closure due to Covid-19 has resulted in it facing significant financial difficulties.

Following widespread public support, local MPs wrote to the Secretary of State, George Eustice, to call for Chester Zoo to be reopened.

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Commenting on the recent announcement, Mr Green said: “Many sectors have been facing difficult times during the coronavirus crisis, while I am pleased that the Government has given support to them, zoos and safari parks had unfortunately been left out. That is why I and many colleagues joined the campaign to support Chester Zoo and I am glad the Government has heard our call and is allowing zoos and wildlife parks to reopen.

Chester ZooChester Zoo
Chester Zoo

“Chester Zoo, as well as many other zoos and wildlife parks, should be supported. Not only do they maintain conservation activities but also provide education about wildlife for those that visit the parks.

“Therefore, I am delighted with the Prime Ministers announcement that zoos and safari parks have now been given the go ahead to reopen from the 15th of June.”

Chris Green MPChris Green MP
Chris Green MP