Wigan MP Lisa Nandy gives powerful speech in Parliament nominating the new Speaker

Wigan MP Lisa Nandy made a powerful speech in the House of Commons as she nominated the new Speaker of the House for his role.

Ms Nandy's words were heard in silence as she proposed the motion to allow Chorley MP Sir Lindsay Hoyle to be the chief officer of the House of Commons.

Other news: Robbers hold Wigan takeaway driver at gunpoint and steal his carShe said he represented ordinary voters in her speech on Tuesday afternoon.

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Sir Lindsay was elected to the post of Speaker in November and was returned to the role unopposed as Parliament reconvened after the general election.

That led, in time-honoured tradition, to Sir Lindsay being dragged from his place on the benches to the Speaker's chair, with Ms Nandy one of those involved in the ritual.

Her speech, though, was far more serious in tone, praising Sir Lindsay as a good choice for Speaker due to the widespread distrust of politicians and the wide gap which many people believe exists between Parliament and the public.

She cited last week's election where Labour's so-called 'red wall' crumbled, with Conservative MPs being elected in places across the north of England and Midlands which had previously returned parliamentarians wearing the red rosette for decades.

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She said: "What does it say about people in those communities, communities that have just sent shockwaves through the political system, many changing hands for the first time in 100 years.

"What does it say that they see Parliament as a whole as a bastion of privilege where ordinary people like them cannot wield power?

"So for all of us in this House whether we've won or we've lost we have done this place a service by electing someone to be our face, and our voice, who people - many miles distant from here - see as one of their own."

Sir Lindsay has served as a deputy speaker for nine years.

He said his office would be open to all MPs.