Wiganers give their views on under-pressure Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Wiganers have had their say on Boris Johnson ahead of his vote of no confidence.

The Prime Minister is due to face the secret ballot on Monday evening, after the threshold of 54 MPs submitting letters to the backbench 1922 Committee to force a vote on his leadership was passed on Sunday.

He will have to secure the backing of half his MPs plus one to survive.

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People in Wigan have been voicing their opinions as pressure continues to mount in the wake of the Sue Gray report.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to undergo a vote in no confidence
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Wigan borough's Conservative MPs have their say on Prime Minster's no confidence...

Doris Walker said: “He’s a waste of space. I’ve always been a Labour person but I think he is the worst Tory PM.

“His own party must realise he’s not good enough.”

Jake Alexander said: “Whether Boris stays, or is replaced by another Tory or Labour at the next election, nothing will change.

"The poor and working classes will continue paying higher taxes, be less well provided for and opportunities for social mobility limited.”

Kathleen Unsworth said: “We need a better government. I'm no fan of Boris, however, there's no-one to replace him that could do a better job.”

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Frank Picton added: “I don’t think he should go. He’s made mistakes like they all have, but he has done more good.

"It would be a bad move if they change now, it would be a step back.”

Lynne Unsworth said: “We need someone who is honest, understands the needs of the working class, will protect the National Heath Service and not waste tax-payers’ money on giving contracts to their cronies. Not Boris Johnson for sure.”

Paula Behan said: “He’s been given too many chances. I think he should definitely go.”

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Tony Halsall added: “I don't care if we have a Labour, Conservative, Liberal or Green Prime Minister.

"As long as they have a plan, vision and direction, and can act with honesty and integrity, I am okay with that.

"At the moment, we have a one-man personality cult whose only vision is to further the cult of Boris Johnson by inventing unnecessary divisions in society.

"This current Johnson-led government has no plan other than smashing things up, telling lies and wearing down normal standards of decency in public life.”