Revellers save dog's life

Good Samaritans have been hailed as life-savers for coming to the aid of a stricken and bleeding dog found in a Wigan village.
Rescued dog BellaRescued dog Bella
Rescued dog Bella

The female American Bull dog-type was spotted on Appley Road South, Appley Bridge, from a taxi window by three people making their way home from a night out at around 10pm on Tuesday.

It is suspected that the pet, who looked underfed, had been abandoned.

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RSPCA inspector Alison Fletcher said: “They asked the taxi driver to pull over and when ‘Bella’, as they named her, came to them they realised she was bleeding from her back end.

“The taxi wouldn’t take her to a local vet’s so two of them stayed with her and the third went home to call us.

“Unfortunately I was 30 minutes away so they started knocking on the doors to nearby houses and were taken in by a caring couple who provided blankets and towels for her and kept her warm and comfortable until I got there.

“They all went above and beyond to help this little dog, and no doubt saved her life.”

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Bella - who is described as aged three to four months old, and is mainly white with black spots on her ears - was suffering from a prolapse and was rushed to RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital where she was operated on immediately.

“She is making a good recovery.

“The vet confirmed what was quite obvious from the smell coming from her, the prolapse had been there for some time and had been left untreated.

“She was also underweight,” said inspector Fletcher. “As she wasn’t wearing a collar and ID tag or microchipped, as is required by law, we do not know who her owners are at the moment and are appealing for anyone who recognises her and knows who they are, or who saw anything, to get in touch.

“Bella is a very loving pup and if out roaming would have approached people easily, which leads me to believe that she had not been out alone for long. I suspect she was abandoned on the roadside on Tuesday night due to the condition she was suffering.”

Anyone who has any specific information should call the RSPCA inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018 and ask to leave a message for inspector Fletcher.