Rookie cops explore their new patches

Student officers have been introduced into their future Wigan borough communities as part of a week-long induction.

Pupils ready to get to know their patches
Pupils ready to get to know their patches

The rookies, who force-wide number 85, were meeting community and faith groups, visiting domestic abuse support groups, taking part in volunteering and learning about their area’s policing priorities.

The recruits will complete a two-year probation which includes classroom-based learning and a year of active patrolling.

During training, officers have the same role as that of a regular officer, including the power of arrest.

GMP Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said: “Neighbourhood policing is at the heart of our policing philosophy here in Greater Manchester. “It is essential that our new colleagues start to understand our many diverse communities and begin to familiarise themselves with the priorities of these communities.”