Smoke alarm alerts neighbour to fire in Wigan flat

Firefighters have highlighted the importance of smoke alarms after a fire broke out in a flat.
Firefighters from Wigan and Hindley attendedFirefighters from Wigan and Hindley attended
Firefighters from Wigan and Hindley attended

Crews from Wigan and Hindley fire stations were called to Linney Square, Scholes, at 3pm on Sunday.

Food cooking in the oven had been left unattended when an occupier went out and it caught on fire.

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Other news: A man was rescued from a fire in a flat on the same street earlier this monthThe flat filled with smoke and a neighbour called for help after being alerted by a smoke alarm.

One woman was treated at the scene by paramedics for the effects of smoke inhalation but did not need to go to hospital.

Paul Gibbons, watch manager at Wigan fire station, said: "It's important to ensure that when you go out, anything that needs to be turned off is turned off.

"Smoke alarms raised the alarm for the neighbour so if anybody in the Wigan area doesn't have smoke alarms, they should contact the fire service who can fit them."

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