Wigan revealed as one of the best areas in UK for taking your driving theory test

Wigan has one of the shortest waiting lists in the country for a driving theory test, new research has revealed.

The study showed the best UK areas for taking the driving theory test, with 21 locations only having one-week waiting lists – and Wigan being one of them.

This compared with waits of 17 or 18 weeks in other parts of the country.

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Learner drivers (file picture)Learner drivers (file picture)
Learner drivers (file picture)
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The research, carried out by motoring experts at Bill Plant Driving School, also revealed the best UK areas to pass the practical and theory driving test, as well as the areas with the longest average test waiting times.

On average, it takes 52 hours of driving lessons to qualify, but practical and theory tests have been harder to come by.

In 2022, it was reported that the average wait for a driving test in the UK was around 13 weeks, but for some areas this was considerably longer.

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