Push to stop 'obstructive' parking outside Wigan schools

Police step up patrols amid 'irresponsible' parking near schools in Hindley

Thursday, 1st April 2021, 7:00 am
School run problems have been identified around Castle Hill St Philip’s, among others

Concerns have been raised over “irresponsible” parking near schools in a Wigan town.

Coun Paul Blay said that, since schools returned after lockdown, bad parking has once again become an issue across Hindley.

He said the main areas of concern were Castle Hill St Phillip’s Primary, Hindley All Saints and Hindley Junior and Infant School, and police say they are now stepping up patrols to maintain safety in the area.

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Coun Blay said: “There are parking issues at lots of schools. Usually it’s when people are dropping or picking children up from school and are parking inconsiderately.

“I think the police try and give a bit of leeway but if someone with a pushchair can’t get by, they’ve got the right to ticket people.I

“f people have got to go into the road because cars are parked on pavements, then that could be dangerous and cause an accident.

“There’s not a lot we can do. We can encourage more people to walk, but cars may be considered a safer method of transport currently and many use them to go to work.

“There are no easy solutions unless we get cars off the road and have better public transport. The council have invested in walk and cycle ways but there’s only so much we can do. People just need to park sensibly.”

The problem has prompted police to step up patrols and warn drivers they will be fined.

A spokesman for the Leigh, Atherton and Hindley division said: “It has been brought to our attention by St Peter’s School that a number of vehicles have been parking irresponsibly outside of the school and causing obstruction for other road users, mainly on Kildare Street.

“The local neighbourhood team have added this to their patrol plan and will be issuing fixed penalty notices for vehicles causing obstruction, also advising drivers if they are parking on any road markings situated outside of the school.”