Wigan school issues 'stranger danger' alert over man approaching pupil

A Wigan school has issued a 'stranger danger' alert after reports of a man approaching a pupil.
Trent Road, BillingeTrent Road, Billinge
Trent Road, Billinge

St Peter's Catholic High School, in Orrell, is warning parents and children and is asking them to be vigilant on their journeys to and from school.

The school said the pupil was approached on Monday afternoon on Trent Road, Billinge, by a man driving a big black car with two teenage passengers. The man is described as tanned with brown eyes and a black cap on backwards.

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Mr Ashton, an assistant headteacher at the school, said there had been three reports in three days of stranger danger.

He said: "Stranger danger alert.

"Unfortunately, we've had another stranger danger alert sent into school. Whilst it is very unusual to have three reports in the three days, it is really important that we share the details with you.

"The pupil was approached on Trent road, Billinge, by a man (tanned, brown eyes, with a black cap on backwards), driving a big black car, with two (teenage) passengers.

"Again, we have shared this message with pupils, local schools and the LA."