Video: five tips for beating holiday stress

With the Easter Holidays almost upon us, many of us are making their lists and packing their bags for a trip away, in what is one of the busiest periods for family travel in the year.
Manchester Airport. Photo: Martin Rickett/PA WireManchester Airport. Photo: Martin Rickett/PA Wire
Manchester Airport. Photo: Martin Rickett/PA Wire

But why do approximately 2.7 million people start their trip stressed out?

While 75% of British parents believe the holiday starts in the airport, one in ten admitted to suffering from ‘airport rage’ before their holiday even begins.

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A report by HolidayTravelWatch revealed our biggest pet peeve at the airport was people not being ready when they get to the front of airport security (48 per cent).

People who skip or cut the queue at the boarding gate annoyed 43 per cent, and unorganised queues at the boarding gate added to the stress levels of 41 per cent of us

Frank Brehany shares his top five tips on how to beat the stress of airport travel and ensure your family holiday remains stress-free from the start.