Wigan man takes on running challenges for The Christie

A Wigan man is in the process of taking on six challenges in six weeks to help raise money for The Christie hospital.
David LawlessDavid Lawless
David Lawless

David Lawless, 32, who lives in Marsh Green, lost four stone during the first lockdown which has helped him to prepare for his current set of running events.

His most recent challenge was when he took on the Manchester half marathon and Manchester 10k back to back as part of the Great Manchester Run for a cause close to his heart.

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Mr Lawless said: “I have been running for The Christie since I was 16 because I have friends and family who have been looked after by them.

“My grandma was there when she got diagnosed with lung cancer. She beat it but then got a different form, so they gave her end of life care.”

At the recent set of races at the Wigan 10k, Mr Lawless took part in the 5k, achieving a personal accolade by finishing eighth.

“It was the first top 10 I’ve had, I managed to get everything right. As part of my training, I have been doing events at Media City where I finished 14th three times in a row. I thought I must get top 10 sooner or later.”

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Mr Lawless is also planning to compete in the Liverpool Rock ‘n’ Roll run and partaking in the London Marathon virtually. He says lockdown prompted him to get back into running.

“When I was younger I ran cross country for school in the North West until I was 17. But as the years went by, weekends out, takeaways and working 45 hours a week takes away from your fitness.

“There wasn’t much else to do in lockdown so I started running again and gradually got my fitness back. Towards the end of summer I joined up with Wigan Harriers and then went to Robin Park runners.

“I first did a 5k and it took half an hour, and I was thinking ‘I’m useless’ but I just kept pushing and pushing.”

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“By the Wigan 5k I could do it in 19 minutes 14 seconds, so I have improved. I’m not finished yet, I want to get sub-18.”

Mr Lawless has also raised £110 for Cash4Kids, after climbing to the top of the Big One in Blackpool, with skydiving next on his list too.

Any donations to Mr Lawless’ fund can be made here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/david-lawless8