Velux is warning customers over window breakage fears - how to know if you’re affected

Window manufacturer, Velux, has issued a warning over some of its roof windows over fears that the glass could shatter and cause injury.

The windows causing concern could have been installed in homes as long ago as 1997, however the company is now asking customers to contact them immediately if they own any of the affected products.

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The models in question were produced between 1997 and 2003.They all have the pane code of 00UE and come in three widths.

Velux windows are being recalled for safety reasons.

These are C width - pane width 39 cm or less, F width - pane width 48 cm and M width - pane width 61 cm.

The inner glass sheet of these products has been proven to be faulty, and could cause spontaneous breakage and the glass to fall. This would prove dangerous for anybody who might be underneath the window at the time.

Cold temperature is known to be a factor in increased risk of breakage.

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How to check if you are affected

Customers can find out if they have any of the recalled windows installed in their homes by checking the pane code.

How to check if your window is affected.

Velux has asked customers to contact them immediately if they identify any of the affected windows in their houses.

The company will come and replace the windows free of charge at a time that suits you, using a new Velux pane with laminated inner and toughened outer sheets of glass.

They also warn customers to take care when dealing with any breakages that may occur before the replacements are carried out.