Best camping stoves UK 2022: lightweight, portable gas camping stoves from Argos, Blacks and Decathlon

Which is the best camping stove? Our expert has tested the market leaders, and these are the best gas stoves available

Best camping stoves in stock in the UK from Argos, Blacks, DecathlonBest camping stoves in stock in the UK from Argos, Blacks, Decathlon
Best camping stoves in stock in the UK from Argos, Blacks, Decathlon

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There are quite a few essentials that are needed for a successful camping trip: sleeping bags, tents, airbeds - and a gas stove is near the top of the list. After all, you’ve got to eat.

Best camping stoves at a glance:

Choosing a gas stove

There’s a wide variety of camp stoves available in all manner of shapes and sizes and they all run on gas, or more appropriately propane and a mixture of butane and propane. You don’t need to head to an outdoor retail store: these days, the best camping stoves and their gas cannisters are all available online.

Propane bottles

The first thing you need to ask yourself is what type of gas system is best for you. If you have a large family or simply want a multi gas hob to feed several mouths, then perhaps opt for a stove that runs off large a 5kg propane bottle (Patio Gas is the most popular brand).

While larger propane canisters provide lengthy cooking times and will easily last the course of a camping holiday, initial costs can be quite high since you will need to pay a canister rental fee of £40 plus £30 for the gas.

A large 5kg gas canister also has the added benefit of being able to power a gas barbecue (most campsites don’t allow the use of charcoal).

But on the downside, it also takes up much more room in the car and, if considering a European camping holiday in the car or motorhome, you should know that you will need to declare it to the staff at EuroTunnel.

Butane/propane canisters

Another much more common option among campers – and especially backpackers and wilderness orienteers – is the classic disposable butane/propane canister.

These small, cheap-to-buy canisters screw on to the gas stove’s regulator and provide around two hours of cooking using a 220g aerosol canister or approximately 3.5 hours using the larger 450g variety.

The big bonus here is that camping gas canisters are available everywhere so you could simply travel without any gas on board and purchase a few canisters at the campsite shop or a local supermarket.

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