Best water slides for sale 2021: fun, inflatable water slides for your garden

These inflatable water slides are ideal for having fun in the sun this summer These inflatable water slides are ideal for having fun in the sun this summer
These inflatable water slides are ideal for having fun in the sun this summer | ShutterstockThese inflatable water slides are ideal for having fun in the sun this summer

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These inflatable water slides are ideal for having fun in the sun this summer

Summer is here, and so your children are going to want to take advantage of the warm weather by being outside.

For toys that provide hours of entertainment but also keep the kids cool look no further than the water slide.

There’s a wide range of them available, from inflatable to collapsible, so there’s something for every space and every budget.

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Chad Valley Double Slide

This water slide is great for siblings, especially those who like to compete against each other in outdoor activities.

It features two lanes, defined by two different colours, so your children can slip their way along this slide side by side.

Claiborne Toddler Folding 2-Step Slide

This bright and colourful slide could be used to help your children glide into a waiting paddling pool at the bottom. It also features an added basket ball hoop to add another element of fun.

There’s also a buffer zone at the bottom of the slide to ensure children have a safe dismount.

The foldable design makes it easy to store and carry. When you’re not using it, you can put it in the corner and take up very little space.

It’s suitable for children aged 5 to 7.

Bestway H2OGO! Mount Splashmore Mega Water Park

A veritable play park, your child and their friends will adore this water park.

Made for kids aged 5 to 10 years, this inflatable water park has multiple fun, interactive features.

With a large play pool, climbing wall, and curved inflatable slide, your kids will be entertained for hours - especially with a shower system to soak them on the way down. When they reach the bottom the Blobz slide finish will provide a super skiddy, soft and safe landing.

The included heavy duty blower inflates the water park in less than 2 minutes. It’s a doddle set up but you will need a decent amount of space for it: it’s full dimensions are H435 x W286 x D267cm / H 14’3” x W 9’5” x D 8’9”

Chad Valley Inflatable Water Slide

This water slide takes just a few minutes to inflate so that your little ones can be splashing about in no time at all.

It comes complete with a water sprayer to add to the fun and comes with a constant air flow electric fan too.

You need a set up area of 4m x 7m. It’s made with durable, heavy duty, polyester fabric which makes it perfect for outdoor play.

When the children are finished playing it folds flat for simple storage in the provided bag.

Dolu Big Red Garden Slide With Water Feature

This slide is a great choice for parents who would like to have a water slide for the very sunny days but also still have a slide for more everyday use as this gives you the option to use it with or without water.

To use with water, all you have to do is attach your garden hose to the top section of the slide. It is suitable for children aged two to six.

Bestway Lava Lagoon Play centre

For toddlers, the Lava Lagoon makes a fun spot for play. Ideal for children two years and up, it has a cushy wading pool, as well as plenty of things to play with.

There are 4 play balls to roll up and down the inflatable ball ramp and 1 inflatable ring to play ring toss.

You can attach a garden hose to a water sprayer for spritzing the children on hot days.

With a removable slide with tie ropes and built-in grommets.

Morrisons Single Water Slide With Surfer Board

This slide, which is suitable for children aged five plus, comes with a body board so that little ones can enjoy slipping down the slide in a much easier and more comfortable way.

The slide length is 485cm so do make sure you have enough space for this one - but at just £8 it’s an absolute bargain and a treat that’s bound to entertain the kids all summer long.

Early Learning Centre Large Pink Water Slide

This pretty water slide is for children who love all things pink! It features extra-grip steps and handles for extra safety so you can be sure your children will be able to play safely.

Connect the garden hose for watery fun, or use without water whenever you choose. It’s suitable for children aged two to five.

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