Fans were within their rights to boo - Wigan Athletic boss

Kolo Toure admitted the Wigan Athletic fans who booed during and after the 2-0 defeat to Luton Town had 'a right to be unhappy'.

Latics remain bottom of the Championship after their latest setback, with Toure now winless in his nine matches in charge..

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For the first time, however, there were very audible boos inside the stadium - which Toure has no issue with.

The decision to substitute young Charlie Hughes was followed by loud booing inside the DW

"Absolutely, I totally understand the reaction of the fans, it's very normal," he said.

"I am a fan myself and I know how fans feel.

"They have a right to be unhappy, and it's my responsibility to make sure we fix things so they are not unhappy.

"My job is to make the fans happy, I want the fans to be happy at the stadium and happy with their team.

"Everything we do is for the fans, and when the fans are happy, we are all happy.

"But for them to be happy we have to win games, and I accept that, and it's up to me to fix it."

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The loudest booing of the afternoon came during the second half, when Academy product Charlie Hughes - arguably Latics' best player up to that point - was substituted.

Toure explained the rationale behind the decision – and again underlined his admiration of the player.

"We made the change because we were going to a back four, and we wanted to attack a little bit more," he said.

"We left the two most experienced central defenders on the pitch, that was the reason.

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"This is the first time Charlie has played three games in a row, and I thought he was beginning to look a little bit leggy.

"For a young player to play three games in a row is not easy, and I think he has been unbelievable since he's come in.

"Everyone knows how much I think of Charlie, he is a wonderful player and I like him."

The decisions to withdraw January recruits Miguel Azeez and Christ Tiehi – who were both making their home debuts, and both played well – were also greeted with disgruntlement in the stands.