Season 'must be completed...but only when it's absolutely safe' - Wigan Athletic captain

Wigan Athletic skipper Sam Morsy is adamant the 2019-20 season must be played to a finish – but only when it is absolutely safe to do so.
Sam MorsySam Morsy
Sam Morsy

The Egypt international says deciding the campaign any other way than on the pitch – such as points-per-game – would be grossly unfair on those teams who were to get relegated.

And while it would suit Latics – who were two points above the drop zone when the season was postponed in March – to draw a line under the campaign, Morsy believes it would lead to too many unanswered questions.

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“The only fair way to do this is to end the season,” said Morsy who, along with his team-mates, returned to training at Euxton on Monday morning.

“I think everyone would agree that is the only fair way to do it.

“If it had to be cancelled, I get how points-per-game would be the logical way to do it.

“But if you were to get relegated on a points-per-game system, would that be fair?

“The whole beauty of football is anything can happen.

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“There’s still nine games to go – a fifth of the season – and that’s a lot of games to play.

“Obviously Liverpool were going to win the Premier League title.

“But you look at the Championship, and that’s not done yet - at both ends of the table.

“There’s still a lot of twists and turns to go before anything gets decided.

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“The only fair way to sort that out would be to finish the season, whenever that may be.

“But, again, they seem dead-set on this deadline, and it has to be sorted by a certain time.

“At least if you finish the season, you can have no arguments, everyone finishes where they deserve to finish.”

That said, Morsy insists the appropriate safety measures MUST be in place before the action resumes.

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“There’s a desperate feeling for football to return, from the nation as a whole,” added on the ‘Kingfut’ podcast. “But for it to restart, it has to be safe to do so.

“At a time while we’re social distancing – walking two metres apart, crossing the road to avoid coming in to contact with people – you can’t have people playing football, where someone might be bleeding, and having that contact.

“It just doesn’t make sense, does it? It’s just not logical at all.

“As footballers, personally, we’re probably going to be okay. Our immune systems are strong.

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“But if you’re passing that on to family and others, they might not be in the same position.

"And I don’t think players should be forced to play until that’s in place. God forbid you pass this on to someone else, you wouldn’t be able to forgive yourself.”