Staying up would be my greatest achievement, insists Wigan Athletic chief

Shaun Maloney says Wigan Athletic pulling off the great escape this season would match anything he's achieved in the game - even winning the FA Cup.
Shaun Maloney is adamant Latics can pull off their greatest ever escape this seasonShaun Maloney is adamant Latics can pull off their greatest ever escape this season
Shaun Maloney is adamant Latics can pull off their greatest ever escape this season

Latics must win both of their last two matches - at Reading on Saturday and at home to Rotherham the following week.

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Even that wouldn't be good enough on its own, with Latics also hoping for results elsewhere - involving Blackpool, Reading and Huddersfield - to also go their way.

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It still remains a long shot but, boosted by back-to-back wins over Stoke and Millwall, Maloney is keeping the faith.

"It would be as good as anything I've achieved in the game if we were to stay in this division," he said.

"From where we were when we took over...and that's just on the pitch.

"Off the pitch, you can't really put a value on some of the difficulties we've had to deal with.

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"If we can do this, it would be as good as anything I've been involved with in my career.

"And it's the players who have to take all the credit for the last couple of matches, it's been incredible to watch."

The last two performances have shown the players also still believe it's on, with the Latics fans also doing their bit at the weekend by supplying the best atmosphere of the season at the DW.

Something that's not been lost on the manager.

"I'll be honest, when we got beat by Swansea, I went round - as I always do win, lose or draw - and they've always been very supportive," Maloney said.

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"I want to send them away happy, sometimes we'll win, sometimes we'll lose, sometimes we'll draw.

"I understand the dynamics of football, but I thought they were brilliant again.

"When we really needed them, when Millwall scored, when it was getting tense, when we really needed that support, they really came through.

"Big credit to the supporters and the players, that connection is definitely there."

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The support was underlined during the triple substitution during the second half, when all three departing players were given standing ovations.

"It was for all three players, I felt it, and it did give us a massive lift," Maloney added.

"I certainly sensed it, I'm sure the players did, and it helped us all."