Watford boss 'saw enough' from Wigan Athletic to be optimistic

Watford boss Slaven Bilic says he 'saw enough' to suggest Wigan Athletic will be all right this season - despite his side's 1-0 victory at the DW.

Joao Pedro's 87th-minute header gave Watford all three points, despite a determined Latics effort that saw them hit the woodwork in each half through Will Keane and Jack Whatmough.

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Wigan Athletic boss reacts to home defeat to Watford
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After six defeats in seven games, fifth-bottom Latics are now only two points clear of third-bottom Coventry, who have played two games fewer.

Nathan Broadhead was again Latics' main attacking threat against Watford

BilIic, though, was very complimentary of Leam Richardson's side.

However, with only Preston (13), Cardiff (13) and Coventry (15) having scored fewer than Latics' 17 goals this term, he had one main fear.

"I saw enough in the way they defended," he said. "I wasn't surprised, but they weren't as aggressive in the game against Middlesbrough as they were today.

"But it's about confidence, and that is important.

"I like the way they play...I didn't like it today, obviously, but I liked it, the way they passed the ball, the same as at QPR last week.

"You just need that bit of quality up front, in the final third, it's all about that.

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"You can be solid, you can be this, you can be that, but if you don't have that quality, you know what I mean.

"If you don't have that, you are relying on a quantity of set-pieces, long balls, corners, to score, which is difficult.

"But you have to stay patient, they like to play football, they play on a very big pitch, which means they are a very fit team.

"And considering they have lost six out of the last seven matches, and they still have 19 points on the board, that means they collected a lot of points in the beginning.

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"They have to get back on that track, but today, I liked them, they were aggressive, they were brave.

"Some would say one-sided, but it is not easy to defend against that, you have to run, you have to be there.

"Fortunately for us we were able to be there and counter what they did.

"But there are a lot of teams like that in this league, and they just have to find someone who will score them the goals."