Wigan Athletic leaders showing 'what they're made of'

Manager Paul Cook and captain Sam Morsy have been singled out as leading lights in Wigan Athletic's survival fight on and off the pitch.
Latics skipper Sam MorsyLatics skipper Sam Morsy
Latics skipper Sam Morsy

That's according to administrator Paul Stanley, who says he's been taken aback by the role played by both in times of adversity.

"I have to say Paul Cook's been absolutely brilliant with us," he said. "And Sammy Morsy, the captain, has been exactly the same.

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"The leadership coming down from the management, his staff, his captain, and the senior players has been fantastic.

"There hasn't been one of them who's caused a minute of trouble - and bear in mind this is from a squad of players who are being paid 20 per cent of their salaries.

"And if you think about it, from a players' point of view, you're part of history here.

"Going out and banging in eight goals against Hull - under that sort of pressure - just shows what they're made of.

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"It's almost like a siege mentality that they've got...there's no way the financial stuff that's going on off the field is going to affect what happens on the field."

Stanley was speaking on talkSPORT, where studio guest Clinton Morrison expressed his admiration for those involved at Wigan, having had experience of the administration process during his own playing days.

"This happened to me at Crystal Palace, no word of a lie, and six or seven of the senior players decided they didn't want to play for the club again," he said.

"They got their agents straight on the phone and wanted to leave the football club.

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"This atmosphere at Wigan comes from Paul Cook, the management and the players, who clearly want to play on for the club and keep the club in the Championship.

"I think it's brilliant, and nothing like the struggle we went through at Crystal Palace.

"And you can see that on and off the pitch, the positive atmosphere, and I really hope Wigan can manage to get out of this."