Boxer Kyle Lomotey eyes title chance after another strong show

Leigh boxer Kyle Lomotey impressed onlookers as he won his first fight under the supervision of new coach Alex Matvienko at the University of Bolton Stadium last Saturday.

Wednesday, 15th May 2019, 12:44 pm
Kyle Lomotey after his win last weekend. Photo: Snapshots by Leanne

Lomotey, who originally began his professional career at Astley VIP with Craig Gaskell, moved to Elite Boxing in Bolton at the beginning of 2019.

And the move appears to be a match made in heaven as Lomotey was outstanding in his 60-54 points victory over Jordan Grannum.

His win was even more impressive given the 28-year-old has been out of action since December’s Jolly Boy’s show. Lomotey hasn’t lost a single step and even improved on his last performance against debutant Genadij Krajevskij.

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The Leyther was delighted to record a convincing victory against Grannum.

“I feel alright. I’m happy and I just can’t wait to see my family and spend time with them and say thanks for coming,” he said.

“I really enjoyed it, I was just enjoying myself. It’s difficult when you’re not getting anything back and you’re just forced to throw shots at someone who isn’t doing anything. It’s a bit frustrating but you can’t do anything about it and I can only beat what’s in front of me.

“Hats off to him though because he’s a really nice guy and we had a good conversation afterwards. He was saying I was in the top 10 of the people that he’s fought, and he said, just listen mate you need to keep going with it and keep improving.”

Lomotey believes that his overall boxing game has evolved to another level since moving to Elite Boxing in January.

“The move to Elite Boxing was ideal as I could fit it around my work and my children,” he said.

“I can go whatever time I like which is brilliant. I’m in the gym five days a week and one day on track so I think where it mainly differs. As I’m in the boxing gym all the time, I’m learning all the time which is why I’ve probably improved so much since last Christmas.

“I work full-time as a bricklayer and I’ve got two children and then I’ve got to go the gym as well so it’s difficult for me. I’m not sure how I do it!

“It’s probably persistence and the desire I have to succeed for my family. I really want this, and no one can ever doubt my commitment especially considering my circumstances.

“I think I have definitely improved. I think my engine is there and I’m a lot fitter, and I hit a lot harder now so I feel like my overall boxing has gone to the next level. We even study opponents which I’ve never done before so that’s helped prepare me too.

“I’m very happy at Elite Boxing. I feel like my boxing is improving a lot and I’m very content with how I’m progressing. It’s been a great move for me.

On his coach, the boxer joked: “Alex is alright I guess, he’s not bad. He’s a really great guy, and he’s an excellent coach who I believe will help bring out the best in me. He’s very intelligent, and you can already see the improvements he’s helped with me after one fight. I’m excited for the future now.”

Lomotey heaped praise on his former coach Craig Gaskell as he still sees him as a parent figure.

“Me and Craig go out for Nando’s all of the time,” he said. “We speak all of the time and he’s still my step mum if I need him to be my step mum. ‘Craig, Craig, my car’s broke down, what am I going to do?’ is a common one.

“He’ll forever be my step mum no matter where we go. We don’t train together anymore because he’s got his hands full with all the young lads from Phoenix Fire and I’m busy doing what I do so we’ve gone our separate ways boxing wise but it wasn’t like it was any of our decisions and it just happened. We was just happy to go different ways.”

And Lomotey admitted that he’s now on the hunt for championship gold and that the British title is at the top of his wish list.

“I want a British title eventually, that’s my goal,” he said.

“I want a British title and then we’ll go from there and see what happens. I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing. I’m going to stay as a nice slick slippery boxer and try and get as far as I can go.”