Adrian Lam's reaction to Super League 'points percentage' shake-up

Adrian Lam admits it may be tough to stomach if they finish the season below a club who has played fewer games following a Super League shake-up.
Wigan coach Adrian LamWigan coach Adrian Lam
Wigan coach Adrian Lam

Catalans Dragons are the new leaders of the competition after authorities decided to determine positions in the table by points percentage rather than the number of points gained.

The move acknowledges the real possibility that not all clubs will be able to complete their 20 fixtures due to coronavirus. So far there are six league fixtures to rearrange.

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Lam has accepted the change and understands why it has been made, but he said: "I know the RFL will try and catch-up those games where they can.

"It's going to be a difficult one if at the end of the year, some of the teams have played less and if they're ahead of you in the table.

"That would be hard to accept for teams in that situation.

"But for us, if we keep winning, it will take care of itself."

The radical changes come in immediately and the Dragons now top the revised table despite having played just seven matches, displacing reigning champions St Helens who have played 10. Teams need to have played 15 games to qualify for the top-four play-offs.

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As the ladder sits, it nearly lines up - apart from Catalans jumping straight to the top," said Lam.

"If the comp was to finish now, there'd be some big concerns about a team sitting on top after seven games, but I guess that's why there's a 15 minimum to qualify for the play-offs.

"Like the rest of 2020, cop it and move on.

"Nobody is going to be happy with whatever system, they've felt this is the fairest."