Brad Singleton says Wigan Warriors are aiming to hit the play-offs with 'full confidence'

Brad Singleton says there is trust and confidence throughout the Wigan Warriors squad.

Matty Peet’s side produced a 32-6 victory over Warrington Wolves on Friday night.

Singleton made his return to action following a three-match suspension, and states he was delighted with how Wigan performed.

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He said: "Warrington had a say performance wise, and were unlucky in the sense that we were better than them.

Brad Singleton says there is a lot of trust in the Wigan squad

"In this period of the season, everyone is fighting for something.

"Warrington are fighting to get away from relegation, we are fighting for that League Leaders, people are fighting for play-offs, so games will look like that more and there will be arm wrestles.

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"It might happen for 60 minutes, so it’s about having the confidence and the trust to stick with it.

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"It’s about trust at this time of the year. Results might not go our way, but you have to hit those play-offs with full confidence.

“I had the three weeks out, which was a pretty long time. There was a defeat to Leeds in there, so that made me more hungry and dragged it out a little bit.

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"You’ve got trust in whatever 17 the coach puts out. You watch and you wait, just trying to get the most positive week for yourself.

"We missed out on some big names against Warrington, and we still got a good win, so we’ve got a good squad and we trust the ability of all the 1-25.

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"All year the fans have been awesome for us as well, the atmosphere they’ve built has been great, and is probably a level up from last season.

"We really are grateful for it.”