O'Loughlin has '˜remote chance' of playing in Grand Final

Shaun Wane says he will trust Sean O'Loughlin's judgement about whether he is fit to play in Saturday's Grand Final.
Sean O'Loughlin hasn't played since August 5Sean O'Loughlin hasn't played since August 5
Sean O'Loughlin hasn't played since August 5

The Wigan skipper. 33. is battling a leg injury and the club had previously said he is “highly likely” to miss the rest of the year.

He has not played since August 5.

But Wane has not completely ruled him out of the equation for the title-decider against Warrington.

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He said at the pre-Grand Final media launch: “There’s a remote chance on Lockers.

“We’ll make a call on Thursday. I need to be convinced he’s alright... if he goes down during the game, there’s no chance.

“He’s champing at the bit, he wants to play.

“But he knows his body - he’ll tell me whether he’s good or not. He will 100 per cent only say he’s fit if he is.”

O’Loughlin didn’t play between the Challenge Cup Final and Grand Final in the double-winning 2013 campaign, leading to some to joke that he “only plays in finals”.

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Wane joked: “I said to him that he doesn’t play unless there’s 60,000 people... he didn’t like that!”

Welsh prop Ben Flower will come back into the reckoning after serving a two-game ban.

Wolves coach Tony Smith had no fresh injury worries from their 18-10 win against St Helens, and Chris Sandow and Ryan Bailey may come into the reckoning.

Officials said 60,000 tickets have already been sold and are expecting a sell-out.