Wigan Warriors: Bevan French discusses the reason why his partnership with Jai Field has been a success

Bevan French says he has enjoyed forming a partnership with Jai Field throughout the 2022 season.

The pair have proved to be a devastating attacking force for Wigan Warriors, scoring a combined total of 51 tries between them in Super League.

French states their success comes from the hard work of the entire team.

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“It’s awesome,” he said.

Bevan French

“Most of the time people say it’s just me and Jai partnering up, but a lot of detail goes into our attack with Briersy (Lee Briers).

“Him and Tommy (Leuluai) just take control of the spine, which directs the team around the field. Harry (Smith) has really matured into that role.

“Across the park, our attack has been up there with one of the best this year.

“We just make sure we are hitting the right points and people are running the right lines..

“I have really enjoyed playing alongside Jai, he’s put me over for quite a few tries, but it is the work on the inside that has got us to this point.

“Me, Fieldy and Marshy (Liam Marshall) are not the biggest back three, but we’ve aligned our pace and agility.

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“It’s something we try to stay on top of, it’s been really enjoyable, we’ve all had a good year so far.

“Hopefully we can keep improving at the backend of the season.

“At this stage of the season you’re not going to have as many opportunities to score, so you’ve really got to capitalise when you get that chance.

“When I see the space, it’s just about putting my head down and making sure I get there.

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“You’ve got to make the most of each opportunity.”

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French says he’s pleased with how he’s progressed throughout the season, and states he’s never been focussed on what position he plays for Matty Peet’s side.

“I started slow at the beginning of this year, it took me a bit of time to find my feet,” he added.

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“I wasn’t too fussed about where I played, I was just worried about getting back and competing again. That was the main thing for me.

“We were fortunate as a club that Jai started the year strong, so there was no rush for me to come back.

“It was about making sure my body and everything else was right before I got back playing.

“Jai’s just gone through the roof. So like I said, I wasn’t really focussed on where I was playing, I just wanted to play.

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“It’s all worked out, we’ve had a really good year. I got the Dream Team on the wing, he’s got it as fullback, you can’t complain.”