Wigan bodybuilder hopes to provide mental health boost to Wigan

A bodybuilder is eager to raise the profile of the sport after winning an international showpiece.
Yvette Geary. Jules Godfrey PhotographyYvette Geary. Jules Godfrey Photography
Yvette Geary. Jules Godfrey Photography

Yvette Geary took the top prize in the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) ‘Bikini Masters’ competition at Coventry’s The Ricoh Arena recently, against hundreds of the world’s best in the sport.Now the 39-year-old wants her expertise in fitness and bodybuilding with the public by holding regular one-to-one coaching and personal trainer sessions. She said: “Mainly my goal is to raise the awareness of bodybuilding and encourage people at least to take an interest and try it as mental health is a massive thing. It can be used as a tool and technique to manage mental health, and if I can share a small element of that, it’ll give me a lot of satisfaction.”Geary, from Ashton, is also hoping to build on her recent victory and become awarded with an IFBB professional card. Although Geary already holds pro-cards in three federations, she admitted an IFBB professional license is at the top of her wish list.“I’m going to be potentially going out to Amsterdam in November to do one of the IFBB leagues over there,” she explained.“It is extremely difficult to attain a pro card within the IFBB league, but it’s something that I’m really committed to achieving. I really want the professional card because the IFBB league is quite a prestigious league, and although it’s just as good as other federations that I’ve been apart of, it’s got a fantastic link with America and it is a little more highly recognised than the other industries I’ve worked with.

"It was one of my long-term goals to have placed first in an IFBB competition, and now I’m moving on in my next goal to earn a pro-card.“It’s been an amazing year so far, and I’ve achieved miles more than I could have ever thought, and every year I continue to do that which is great for me, but I’m a little bit of a stickler as I’m never quite satisfied and I always want more. I’m always looking for the next challenge, and what can I work towards, and for me now, it’s getting an IFBB pro-card. “I don’t expect to get a pro-card in November – I would love one – but I personally feel I have extra work to do for next year.”As her focus turns to helping others, Yvette Geary Fitness will offer online training and nutrition plans to clientele, alongside their privately held sessions in Wigan. If you are interested and would like to find out more information about the services that are available, please emial [email protected]