Kula Shaker - K 2.0: The true follow-up to their blinding 1996 debut

While the likes of Oasis, Supergrass and Blur were leading the Britpop movement in the mid Nineties, Kula Shaker were enjoying moderate success with their neo-psychedelic debut K.

Kula Shaker: K2.0
Kula Shaker: K2.0

Although now largely forgotten, it still stands as their finest work.

As the group faded from the limelight, frontman Crispian Mills baffled critics and audiences with ham-fisted spiritual remarks and lacklustre follow up releases.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that K 2.0 not only replicates the feel of their debut, but also much of the artwork style.

Opener Infinite Sun instantly harks back to the sitar-lead Sleeping Jiva, although instead of being a two minute Indian mantra, it quickly descends into a straight forward stomping pysch number.

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    Thankfully, there are tongue-in-cheek moments, with the mantra Hari Bol forming a play on words for Haribo, titled as The Sweetest Sweet.

    The standouts however, are Get Right Get Ready (this album’s Hey Dude) and the spacey and colourful High Noon which, with its intermittent whistles, evokes a spaghetti western.

    It may be a clumsily titled comeback album, but K 2.0 does exactly what it says on the tin as the true follow-up to their blinding 1996 debut.