United Utilities to bring Stop the Block campaign to Wigan borough shopping centre

United Utilities will be helping shoppers at a Wigan borough shopping centre find out what they can do to keep sewers in tip top condition.

A team from the water company are visiting Spinning Gate Shopping Centre in Leigh on March 1 and 2 where they will be reminding customers to Stop the Block and think about what they pour down toilets and drains.

The visit has been organised following an increase in sewer blockages in the area.

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During the past year more than 200 blockages have been caused by either wet wipes, or a build-up of fats and greases in the drains.

United Utilities is bringing tis campaign to the boroughUnited Utilities is bringing tis campaign to the borough
United Utilities is bringing tis campaign to the borough
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The event has been organised by Lauren Kelly from United Utilities, who said: “In the last year, our teams have been called out to deal with 190 blockages caused by wet wipes and another 30 caused by fats and grease in the WN7 postcode area.

“These blockages have created 45 floods on the sewer network and three floods within customers’ properties – that’s the last thing anyone wants to deal with.

“We’ll be reminding householders that they can help ‘Stop the Block’ by not flushing wet wipes or pouring cooking fats, oils and grease down the sink.”

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Wet wipes, cotton pads and nappies, grease from roasting tins and leftover food are just some of the key culprits causing drains and pipes to clog, back up and overflow.

The team will also be taking along a collection of some of the most bizarre things found in its sewers.

As well as giving away loo roll and fat traps, they will also be sharing practical advice on how householders can save money on their water and energy bills.