Readers' letters - December 17

Make care a priority

Monday, 19th December 2016, 5:03 pm
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 2:59 pm
Prime Minister Theresa May and a correspondent share the same TV favourites, such as The Avengers

I really don’t know how I feel about care costs. I suppose I should be getting in a rare old paddy as one who could soon be affected, but I am controlling myself.

What I am more incensed about is the dreadful waste of money this Government is engaging with, namely giving overseas aid to countries which are far better off than we are.

India is now a wealthy country and houses more call centres for British firms and engineering projects. I could go on.

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To cap it all, there is the dreadful proposed waste of money on HS2 to save 20 minutes on train times to London, and yet the Government can’t afford to look after their golden oldies. What planet are we living on?

Care of the less advantaged and elderly should be the prime aim of this Government. I had great hopes for Theresa May, Brexit and this Government, which have fast flown through my window.

One thing for certain, they are all not going to make me feel guilty for my advancing years.

Barry Foster

Address supplied


No ‘baby boom’ plan

Now we are told that councils will be allowed to increase the amount of council tax to fund improved care for the elderly.

Since the Second World War, successive governments have been aware of the ‘baby boom’ but failed lamentably to plan for the costs of the long term consequences.

Short term fixes / vote catching have been the rule, not prudent saving towards the increasing costs of the NHS, care for the elderly and state pensions.

Instead of local authorities being allowed to raise more money through council tax, it should be the Treasury that increases the rate support grant to authorities – with a specific requirement for allocations to improve community care provisions.

Graham Branston

via email


Sharing TV faves with PM

I have just purchased the annual Radio Times Christmas double issue and strangely enough I read something in it that shocked me to the core.

In an interview with Prime Minister Theresa May, she reveals that her favourite TV shows as a child were The Avengers with Diana Rigg and The Adventures of Robin Hood with Richard Green.

Both of which were my favourites also. I was amazed at such a coincidence.

Whatever next, I asked myself?

Am I to discover perhaps that Margaret Thatcher was a huge Elvis Presley fan, as I have always been?

It was bad enough when I read recently that Jeremy Corbyn is indeed an Elvis fan.

What is the world coming to?

David Gibbs

via email


Insanity of £1k trousers

PM Theresa May and Nicky Morgan MP have, respectively, paid £1,000 each for trousers and handbag.

Does this not call into question, if not their sanity, their judgement and total disconnection with the realities of millions? Perhaps we are paying them far too much?

Most worryingly of all, I can feel myself starting to warm to scruffbag Boris Johnson.

ME Wright via email