Woman left for dead after Wigan hit-and-run horror smash

A woman suffered serious injuries and was left for dead in the road after a car crashed near Wigan town centre then drove off.

The horrific incident happened at the railway bridge over Wallgate near to its junction with Eleanor Street at around 4am on Sunday September 25 and was witnessed by a taxi driver who has since been interviewed by Wigan Today.

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Police are appealing for witnesses. There is confusion over whether the victim was a passenger or a pedestrian though, with the witness saying she was thrown through the vehicle’s window on impact and officers saying she was hit by the car.

The railway bridge.

The Southport driver, who wants only to be known as Ste, said: "I noticed a white Mercedes C Class driving erratically.

“The driver clearly wasn’t in control of the car like he was under the influence of something.

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“It’s a rear-wheel drive and the back end had come out and hit the bridge and I thought, ‘am I seeing things here?’

“Chunks of it kept coming off onto the road.

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"It bumped into a side wall on Wallgate and I saw something being flung into the air from the passenger window.

"I didn’t know what it was at first, I didn’t expect it to be a person.

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"Then I realised it was a woman. She went up, what must have been 25ft in the air and then landed on the road.

"But instead of stopping to see to the woman, the driver just sped off.

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"She was screaming and crying out in pain so loud and saying, ‘I can’t feel my legs!’ and ‘why has he done this to me?’

“I called the emergency services right away and they arrived pretty quickly.

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"I didn’t want to touch her in case I caused any more injury to her – her legs were all bent.

"Another driver stopped and he went off in the direction of the car to find where it went.

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"It was a good job I was next to her in the road because she would have been run over when anymore traffic came through.

"I just really hope she’s okay.”

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A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police, said: “We were called at around 4.10am on the morning of Sunday September 25, to a report of a collision between a car and a pedestrian on Wallgate, Wigan.

“The pedestrian – a woman in her 40s – has been taken to hospital with serious injuries and is thankfully in a stable condition.

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“The car failed to stop at the scene and enquiries are ongoing.”

The police have given little in the way of updates since the crash and there have been no reports of any arrests being made.

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However officers are continuing to appeal for witnesses to the incident and any erratic driving or suspicious motoring behaviour in the area before or after. Dashcam footage is also being requested.

Any information should be given via GMP LiveChat facility or by calling 101 quoting incident 604 of 25/09/2022. Alternatively, ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.